Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sophisticated Pallets Be Aware ... Butter Buds Are Coming...

... in sprinkles.
Dinner at our home is a social event.

It is one of the evenings when the dinner needs to be served, kids crave for attention and fun games, hubby would love fresh veggies and herbs salad, and I... I have to do it all and more. Figure that. And be happy.

For several months, my visiting mom has been exercising her talents in cooking the traditional Russian dishes. This time, she produced neatly arranged vegetable dumplings from the refrigerator’s storage unit. Uhmmm... They need to be boiled and sauced, and only then served to satisfy my family’s unique pallets.

It takes a few minutes for the boiling pot to be ready to accept the majority of this dumpling population into its obese of bubbling water. Meanwhile.... everybody’s looking  up to you with a question mark in their faces, “We are hungry. Feed us now!”

OK. What else can I do, produce, create Quickly in the interim? Something healthy and nutritious, please. Frozen peas! This luscious snack sounds good. Usually, I make some sauces or low calorie vinaigrettes to go with salads and veggie snacks.

This time, I opted for ButterBuds sprinkles. It was the first time I ever tried them in my kitchen. Fat free. Cholesterol Free. Gluten Free. Real butter flavor. Low calorie. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? I had to try it to believe it is true. I picked up a jar of this product at the show because I liked the Nutrition Facts profile on it.

Sprinkling the granules over warm peas, my two-year-old was mesmerized how they were melting on round green surfaces of peas in the bowl. Just like real fatty butter. Melting that is. I carefully scooped the buttered peas with a spoon. In a few seconds, I was totally amazed with a yummy flavorful green peas with Butter Buds sauce all over them.

This simple snack inspired “Umms” and “Yumms” from my whole crew gathered at the kitchen’s center table and scooping up peas from the bowl with a speed of a greased lightening.

Butter Buds, You did it right! Thank you for your thoughtful process of making our lives in the kitchens easier.

And yes, the Russian vegetable dumplings followed the yummy Butter Buds snack. And my life was easier that evening – Butter Buds were served on top of the main dish. I did not have to make any sauce to go with it. (Hooray! Hush me.)

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