Friday, April 30, 2010

Lose Weight by Sleeping Like a Baby and Relaxing Like a Queen

You and I know that poor sleep and stress make us gain weight. Then, why are we hitting ourselves with the same hammer again, and again, and again?

Well, let us go through this same exercise one time more, that is a reminder why we need to do it – both sleep and relaxation, – rather than just have a lonely knowledge of it.

Why Poor Sleep Makes You and Me Fat?
Lack of sleep, or poor sleep, is directly linked to an increase of the body’s production of a hunger hormone called Ghrelin. Ghrelin not only makes you overeat, but it also makes you gain weight by lowering the amount of calories you burn. [Don’t worry! This situation is reversible] How?

The only way to reduce Ghrelin is by some sound and deep sleep. Once rested, your appetite will normalize and this will help you stay fit and slim. That is how simple it is.

Stress Contributes to your Cellulite Mass as Well
When you are stressed, you automatically reach out for simple carbs like cookies, and cakes, and candy. Why? To calm your bodily systems down and feel good again. Quickly.

The trick to reversing the weight gain from stress is to relax. Like a Queen. We need to bring down the levels of stress and anxiety, in order to avoid the hormonal weight gain triggers. Once we are relaxed, our bodies can establish a normal hormonal balance and the weight loss will occur.

Relax Like a Queen?
Common, if you can eat like a Queen, you can relax like a Queen. What does it take? During the day, whenever you feel stressed, walk around the block for 10-15 minutes. Or just do 15 sit-ups (Overcome that laziness for the sake of you). Get your blood going. Exercise is a great stress reducer that allows your pheromones to take over and calm all systems down. Do it!

And yes, take this weekend – just a couple of hours – to treat yourself to a walk, gardening, joyful play with kids, conversation over the tea with your friend (Isn’t that a privilege?) May be even a spa!

Then rested and relaxed go to bed a bit earlier (curl up with your favorite book, if you wish). You’ll feel like a Queen just by doing all these small steps for your better health, fresher and younger look, and a more peaceful you inside.

Let’s Celebrate The Woman in You Today!

To Your Health!

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