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SkinCare Products for Daily Use – Week Three to A More Hydrated Skin

Week Three to A Younger, Healthier, Radiant Skin

          Week 1 – Food for Your Skin
          Week 2 – Skin Tone Transformation             
          Week 3 – Skin Care Products for Daily Use          You Are Here
          Week 4 – Minimizing Your Wrinkles

Your Goals This Week:

• Clean your facial skin gently (CLEANSERS for skin)
• Minimize the effects of ultraviolet sun rays (SUNSCREENS for skin)
• Boost your skin with antioxidants (ANTIOXIDANTS for skin)
• Repair your skin at night (NIGHT CREAMS for skin)
• Protect skin around your eyes as a sensitive area in your face (EYE CREAMS fro skin)
• Continue with your nutrition and healthy skin and weight loss routine from Weeks One and Two (that’s a MUST, as you step-by-step progress towards the end of the month.)

How To Achieve the Goals of Week Three

Here’s an approximate list of the types of cosmetic products you may want to have handy for your everyday needs and to accomplish Goals of Week Three.

Use mild formulas with calming effects and suitable for most skin types and morning and evening usage

Use sunscreens as your daily routine all year-round. The untra-violet rays penetrate your skin creating free radicals, breaking collagen structure, and, thus, aging your skin.

Find sunscreens with a broad-spectrum with SPF 15 or higher.

Use lotions and serums with antioxidant power. Such skincare products will provide an extra protection against free radicals that are formed under the influence of sun and as a result of chemical processes in your body.

Apply the antioxidant skincare product under your makeup.

Night Creams
Choose the skincare product specifically designed for the night usage. This way, your skin will receive that extra nourishment it needs which it does not get during the day.

Remember, the body does its cellular repair during night, not during the day hours.

Eye Creams

Due to the lack of oil glands in the skin around our eyes and its thinness, take care of this area of your face with a bit more care.

It could be beneficial to use the skincare products specifically designed for your skin around the eyes by the time you’re 30 (yes, we need to take care of it early.)

The products for each goal area will be published in the next separate post.

Please keep in mind that Food your eat daily to control your appetite and lose and maintain your weight is the best food for your skin nourishment!

There is only Do and Not Do.

To Your Daily Health!

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