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Minimize Your Wrinkles – Week 4 of Skin Regimen

Week Four to A Younger, Healthier, Radiant Skin
          Week 1 – Food for Your Skin
          Week 2 – Skin Tone Transformation             
          Week 3 – Skin Care Products for Daily Use         
          Week 4 – Minimizing Your Wrinkles

Your Goals This Week:
• Continue with your nutrition and healthy skin and weight loss routine from Weeks One and Two (that’s a MUST, as you step-by-step progress towards the end of the month)
• Research, locate and start using as soon as your skin calls for it the masks, gels, and other products that could help to minimize your wrinkles

How To Achieve the Goals of Week Four
If you take care of your skin on the regular basis by supporting it with proper nutrition and skincare regimen, then you should be way ahead of those who do not do it at all or only once in the blue moon.

Many women cannot afford wrinkle-erasing injections. No worries! There are multiple ways to  keep you look and feel great in addition to your daily-needed plan to care for your precious skin.

I’d like to suggest for your review a few products that I have tried myself or they’ve been recommended by my friends who got noticeable results by using them.

Here are a few topical solutions that mimic the effects of injectables

Enspri Pure Collagen used/mixed with Enspri Vital Hydrator (sold in a Kit)
• The collagen is 100% natural for optimum absorption. It is in powder form and could be mixed with water as a mask on the face or for more visible results, to be combined with Vital Hydrator.
• The hydrator needs to be combined with Pure Collagen
It is an anti-oxidant, activating gel

I’ve been using Enspri’s products for the past two years. The results I get are very noticeable. The products have nice texture and smell.

You can get this product via salons or via internet. Shop for the best price, as it may vary (enspriskincare.com, it is $99.50/kit)

Brandt Crease Release
• It contains a gamma-aminobutyric acid complex that relaxes your facial muscles so that they cannot contract and form creases.
• This product has been recommended by my friend.

You can ask for this product in the salons or buy online (drbrandtskincare.com, it is $150)

There is a multitude of products to satisfy this urgent need – minimize wrinkles – out there. Look for the overall ingredient list, commentaries on line, talk to your peers and friends to form your opinion what is the best for you and your skin.

Stay encouraged and tuned in with your bodily needs. Follow to your best desire and need those easy steps outlined in this 4-week regimen for your skin.

Disclosure: If and when my references fall onto mentioning any Product and/or Brand in this and further blog entries, they come from my personal recommendation and experience. I do not receive any products and/or compensation from any mentioned companies and/or brands for promotion, review and/or giveaway.

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