Monday, March 22, 2010

Losing Weight in A Graceful Way

It's not about less calories. It's about controlling your hunger. 
Permanent weight loss is not rocket science. But it is science, nonetheless.

The difficulty with weight loss programs is they concentrate, one way or another, on you eating less. They want you to control the end result – less calories – rather than concentrating on eliminating the triggers that cause you to eat more – your hunger.

If you want to control your hunger – your appetite – you have to know what creates your hunger in the first place. And the surprising fact is that hunger is less about the fact you haven't eaten in a while, than it is about the food you just began eating, and the kind of food you ate in your last meal or snack.

The most prominent trigger of hunger is the status of your blood sugar:
•  If your blood sugar is low when you begin to eat, you can count on over-eating in that meal.
•  If your previous meal was big, or contained a lot of fast sugars (high glycemic) foods, you are going to over-eat in your present meal.
•  If you begin your meal with fast sugars or caffeine or alcohol, you are going to over-eat in that meal.

Controlling your hunger is the first step on your road to permanent weight loss.
And that begins with learning how you get hungry in the first place.

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