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Week One. Food for Your Radiant Skin and Successful Weight Loss.

Week One is dedicated to taking into consideration of a Diet that would boost your skin’s vitality and youthful looks.

We’ll focus on the following ingredients in Week One to Your Gorgeous and Radiant Skin:

1. Water
2. Fruits and Vegetables
3. Whole Grains
4. Proteins
5. Fats/Omega 3 (DHA) Fatty Acids

We’ll mention Why they are important to your skin’s health. Plus, we’ll give you Examples of these excellent foods to include into your daily diet.

The countdown to your Radiant Skin starts Here and Now.

You are what you eat. For your skin to be healthy, you need to include fruits and vegetables, protein, whole grains, and good fats in your daily diet.


Why Water in your daily diet?

Drinking water moisturizes your skin from the inside out. It clears up your skin from toxins and bodily by-products (drink at least one full glass of water in the morning to get rid of the night’s toxins.)

Water is the most vital element for cellular integrity. Nothing will improve the appearance of your skin better than drinking enough water!

Carry water with you. Drink before you get thirsty (if you feel thirst, your body is already dehydrated.)

To your beautiful and healthy skin!

Fruits and Vegetables

Why do you need fresh Fruits and Vegetables? Here are just some basic, however, powerful pro’s for fruits and veggies.

1. Fruits and vegetables are sources of powerful micronutrients. These micronutrients have antioxidants = fight free radicals that damage and/or destroy cells in our bodies.

2. Some of the richest in the above nutrients fruits and veggies:

sweet potatoes
citrus fruits
acai berries
pomegranite seeds
red grapes (resveratrol compound)
flax seeds
green leafy vegetables

3. Fresh fruits and vegetables are loaded with water that keeps skin hydrated.

You can’t go wrong with at least 3 servings of fruits and five servings of vegetables in your daily diet! The more the merrier. If you can eat them raw, rather than processing (cooking) – more power to you. Here are some helpful tips to get you oriented in what a daily serving is about.

1 Fruit/Veggie serving = 1 whole medium fruit
1 Fruit/Veggie serving = 1 cup of berries
1 Fruit/Veggie serving = 1/2 cup of cut fruit
1 Fruit/Veggie serving = 1/2 cup of cut-up vegetables
1 Fruit/Veggie serving = 1 cup of leafy greens

Whole Grains

Why Whole Grains in your daily diet?

Because they contain nutrients that help the body produce glycosaminoglycans that participate in building firming collagen and elastin fibers in your skin.

Have at least 4 to 7 servings of Whole Grains in your daily diet.

1 Whole Grains serving = 1 slice of bread (with at least 4 grams of Fiber per serving)
1 Whole Grains serving = 1/2 cup of cereal or grains (use Heritage grains for best results)

Heritage Grains Examples:

hemp seed nuts
sesame seeds
brown rice


Why Protein in your daily diet?

Because protein-rich foods are crucial in production of collagen and elastin. For example, eggs contain lecithin, that helps strengthen cell membranes, making them better able to withstand environmental impact on your skin.

If you are a fish-eater, make sure you populate your plate with cold water fish, rather than the farm-grown fish and/or fish harvested in warm waters. Such fish harbors heavy metals and pesticides in their flesh (yes, we dump a lot of garbage into our oceans.)

1 Protein serving = 1 egg
1 Protein serving = 3 oz of fish or meat
1 Protein serving = 1/2 cup of tofu
1 Protein serving = 1/2 cup of beans


Why Fats in your daily diet?

Because fats help to keep skin soft and supple.

What Fats are good for you? Unsaturated fats like the ones found in olive and flaxseed oils and nuts (walnuts, pistachios, almonds).

Omega-3 Fats (DHA) that have been proved to be beneficial for your heart arteries (yes, much lesser chance for heart attacks and heart diseases), brain (yes, think good memory and active life for many years), younger skin (yes, Omega 3 fatty acids keep skin cells moist and strong, which produces a younger looking skin.)

Omega 3 fatty acids are also helpful:

• help reduce acne
• reduce skin inflammation
• make skin soft and supple
• reduce dry and scaly skin

1 Fats serving = 1 teaspoon of oil
1 Fats serving = 6 nuts
1 Fats serving = 1 Tablespoon of ground flaxseed


Have Fun in Week One to enjoy:

1. Water
2. Fruits and Vegetables
3. Whole Grains (great if you stick with Heritage grains)
4. Protein like cold water fish and beans
5. Fats like unsaturated flaxseed oil (or flaxseed powder) and nuts

This food will nourish your whole body, providing great nutrition to your Skin. Plus, such a balanced diet will surely contribute to your weight loss!

There's only Do or Not Do!

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