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Aging Skin: Optimize Skin’s Health and Complexion

As you improve your lifestyle and daily choices in your foods, you will definitely start thinking not only about how your body in general looks, but also how your face skin presents You in public. And when you are one-on-one with yourself.

That is why taking care of your skin health becomes an integral part of who you are.

This post is a short overview of what kind of discussions are out there on the topic of Skin's Youth and Condition.

First thing that comes to mind when we mention “aging skin” is “wrinkles.”

This overwhelming consensus on this subjects explains the multitude of products available on the market to “treat,” “eliminate”, “smooth” your wrinkles, thus “reversing” the aging process in your skin.

Let’s put the lie detector to this promise. It is possible that a topically applied product can eliminate wrinkles? Really eliminate them?

The answer is that only a limited number of ingredients address the signs of aging. And unfortunately, nothing short of cosmetic surgery can really eliminate a wrinkle.

Studies on retinol (Vitamin A), ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), and various peptides, all show positive effects in stimulating collagen to help smooth and retexture aging skin. As far as eliminating wrinkles, that’s more of a wishful thinking than hard-core science.

You want to give up? No, no, no. There is no reason why we should not take good care of our skin that shall boast of its healthy and, thus, younger appearance.

Skin can lose its young and vibrant looks even in the body that is in its twenties. The trick is maintenance and joy in taking your body and your skin to a new level of vibrant health.

The more realistic approach to the treatment of aging skin would be to optimize the skin’s health and condition by ensuring ample hydration of tissues while stimulating collagen formulation in the dermis and eliminating the triggers that lead to aging skin.

What are those triggers to aging skin? To mention a few:

• Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), or better known as free radicals.
• Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs), in which a sugar molecule bonds to either lipid molecule or protein without an enzyme to control the reaction. These by-products are dangerous and “impair the functioning of biomolecules.”
• Matrix Metalloproteinase Enzumes (MMPs), that break down collagen and elastin when the matrix is being stimulated.

What to do to avoid the triggers to aging skin?

We cannot avoid them completely. However, we can and should do at least a minimum effort to stimulate and maintain young cells production in our skin.

• Whole Foods and Water
Populate your daily diet with whole foods vs. processed, cooked, canned foods. Enjoy the foods that bring the maximum values to your skin’s hydration and feeding (vegetables, fruit, heritage grains like quinoa, teff, backwheat, chia.) Drink spring water!

• Massage

Massages are great to increase circulation in your skin, thus bringing more nutrients and oxygen to the cells. Spending 2-3 minutes a day for such massages will also release tension in the muscles and connective tissues. We’ll cover these simple techniques in videos, one by one. Stay tuned.

 • Masks

Home-concocted masks could really change the appearance of your complexion and firmness of your skin. They will provide a higher chance for the nutrients in lotions and cremes applied afterwards to penetrate the skin. We’ll give you a numerous number of simple, yet powerful masks you could mix up in the comfort of your home without an expensive trip to the spa.

 • Skin Products Choices

There is a plethora of skin products on the market. How to chose the best for your needs? How to choose something that works and produces results you are happy with? We’ll discuss these boiling points, so you could make quicker good choices when shopping for your skin care products.

Naturally, these are the basics that would boost your skin’s radiance and youthful looking. And you should take advantage of these simple techniques before the skin sags and you become regretful of not taking action earlier.

There is only Do or Not Do.

To Your Daily Health!

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