Friday, July 17, 2009

Let's Get Serious – 1

When excess weight stops being a cosmetic issue because your weight continues its steady climb, it starts becoming a medical issue.

Sooner or later, one way or another, that medical issue is going to kill you. And it will leave a whole lot of people who love you grieving, saying, "she died too soon."

With you gone, the wonderful memories they have of you will live bright, and linger on until their own twilight.

But, right after you are gone the immediacy of paying your medical bills could also linger. After the funeral, someone will have to tally up and figure out how to pay for the cost of your last illness – caused by, or heavily complicated by, your excess weight. They will be paying to the tune of $1000 for every 1 pound you were overweight. At that point, the excess weight issue becomes a family issue.

We no longer live in an age when older people just got fat, and diabetes, and hypertension, and heart disease were considered the expected and sad diseases of "old age."

Those diseases are still sad, today. But we now know they are avoidable. No one chooses to have these debilitating and life-robbing diseases.

In this age, we now know those diseases are not inevitable. We know how to change lifestyles to prevent or effectively treat them. In this age we can take personal responsibility to prevent these diseases by losing weight healthily.

We need to personally acknowledge, to ourselves, that remaining to have excess weight is also a choice.

What choice will you be making today?

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