Saturday, May 9, 2009

Eat A Variety of Nutritious Foods: Rule 3 to Control Your Appetite

How do you control your appetite and cut your cravings?
Rule 3: Eat a lot of different, highly nutritious foods

Remember your strong cravings?

It is one thing to get rid of your hunger. But, if you are like a lot of people, the real culprit in your weight gain is your cravings. Do you sometimes get confused between being really hungry and craving snacks?

Do you sometimes feel cravings for "something" even if you're not sure what you are craving?

Do you ever wonder if you're getting all the nutrients your body really needs?

Do you realize your cravings, and your body's need for more nutrients are all part of the same problem?

We all know we probably eat too much… too many calories… too much fat… too much cholesterol.

Yet, we eat from far too few foods. So, while we are overeating we are starving our bodies of vital nutrients that only more food variety can provide.

Your body is designed to require a lot of nutrients you are not getting in your regular diet. It knows when it needs those missing nutrients.

When your body is hungry for nutrients, and it is not getting them, your body tells you in the only language it knows:
  • Your body says, "Eat more food – perhaps I'll get what I need from your next meal."
  • Your body says, "Crave this food – perhaps I'll get the specific nutrient I really need right away."
  • Your body says, "Eat now – even if you're full, because I'm not getting what I need."

Persistent cravings are your body talking to you. It is insisting that you feed it a much wider range of nutrients. When you succumb to your body's insistent demand for more nutrition by eating the wrong foods, you consume more calories than you really need. And you gain weight. Worse, you are still under-nourished. So the craving problem keeps repeating.

Celebrate Chocolate contains the power of concentrated, natural plant nutrients from 59 whole foods. One bite. 59 concentrated foods. Day by day, your cravings fade away.

With Celebrate Chocolate™, your body is fed. It quits saying, “Eat more.” It quits insisting, “Eat now.”

No more confusion. You know when you are hungry. You can’t remember the last time you had cravings.

Less cravings. Less snacks. Less weight.

How do you control your appetite and cut your cravings?
Conclusion 3: Eat a lot of different, highly nutritious foods

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