Thursday, May 7, 2009

Don't Eat Appetizers: Rule 2 to Control Your Appetite

How do you control your appetite and cut your cravings?
Rule 2: Don’t eat appetizers

Have you ever been to a restaurant and the menu starts out with, guess what? “Appetizers.”

Think about it. What is an appetizer? If a restaurant is selling you their “appetizers” it’s not because they want you to eat less. Can you see that?

Most “appetizer” foods are designed to make you hungrier. That is their purpose, to make you want to eat more. And every restaurant uses appetizers to make sure you buy more food than you otherwise would.

Have you ever just sat down at a restaurant and they quickly give you a hot loaf of “free” bread? Why would they do that? To kill your appetite before they can tell you the “specials of the day”?

Bread is an appetizer (as are crackers and pretzels and a lot of other foods). They quickly tell your body, “eat more and do it now, dummy.”

And here is a not insignificant point: Why is the “cocktail hour” just before mealtime?

Because cocktails are fiendishly great appetite increasers. So too are those little hors d’oevres they serve with them. Now all alcoholic beverages quickly increase your appetite, but the classic martini-type drinks just do it faster and better.

Now, back to the restaurant. Notice how they always ask for your drink order first. Here is the deal: Not only do alcoholic beverages make you eat more (plus the calories in them), but caffeinated beverages (coffee or sodas), and drinks sweetened with high fructose corn syrup also increase your appetite.

Thus, if you owned a restaurant, wouldn’t you take the drink orders first, and while you were preparing them, give the table a free loaf of hot bread?

How do you control your appetite and cut your cravings?

Conclusion 2: Don't eat appetizers, or have drinks before your meal

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